What You Need to Know About a Prenuptial Agreement

Posted by Manuel A. Segarra IIIFeb 09, 20150 Comments

Many couples marry for love rather than for money. When discussing their future lives together, engaged individuals may shy away from discussing finances. Their reluctance is understandable on this complex topic; however, discussing financial issues before marriage could save the couple complicated fights and unexpected situations in upcoming years.

A prenuptial agreement is an option for engaged individuals to consider before getting married. Our knowledgeableMiami attorneys have provided a breakdown of what a prenuptial agreement include.

What is Included in a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can include a variety of financial matters that play a role during the marriage and after. Our qualified Miami attorneys have listed the typical attributes of this document:

  • Whether property individually obtained during the marriage will remain the property of that spouse and will not be regarded as community property.
  • Your ability to keep property, even those that you acquire later through inheritance, in one spouse's family.
  • Your ability to limit one spouse's liability for debts of the other spouse.
  • Your ability to define your respective financial responsibilities during the marriage, dividing responsibility for household expenses, clarifying how bank and credit cards will be handled and determining how taxes will be filed.
  • Your ability to make provisions for a spouse's children from a previous union.
  • Your ability to determine how property will be allocated in the event of a divorce.


How to Obtain a Prenuptial Agreement

Before obtaining a prenuptial agreement, the context of the document should be fully disclosed and fair before the wedding date. To be fully disclosed, both spouses must share all relevant details regarding their finances. Furthermore, each spouse must have his or her own lawyer.

At Segarra & Associates, P.A., we understand that establishing a prenuptial agreement can help you to start your happy and healthy union. Our goal is to ensure that you and your new spouse have a peace of mind before you tie the knot. Contact us today for a consultation!