When you and your spouse decide to separate or get a divorce, coming to an agreement about the terms of your divorce – including child custody, time sharing, alimony, child support and other terms – can be time consuming and costly. When the court makes a determination regarding the terms of your divorce and legalizes the agreement, it then becomes necessary for all the parties involved to be in compliance with the agreement. The terms of the divorce or separation are enforceable by law.

If your ex-spouse has failed to adhere to the agreements that were originally made and legalized by the court, such as failing to pay child support or comply with the agreed upon time sharing schedule, it can cause serious financial and emotional problems for you and your family. If this is the case, your ex-spouse is legally in contempt of court and you need to seek the services of a qualified family law attorney who is experienced in working with clients to help them enforce the court ordered terms of the original divorce or separation agreement.

The attorneys at Segarra & Associates, P.A. have the knowledge, skills and resources you need to help you enforce the terms of your divorce, so you and your family can continue moving forward with your lives after the separation. We understand that the life you have built relies on you and your ex-spouse following the court ordered agreements. Our goal is to work towards a resolution in your case that is favorable for you and your family.

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