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Property Division

When getting a divorce, property acquired during the marriage – as well as property owned by either spouse before the marriage if there is no prenuptial agreement – must be divided between the parties involved before the divorce can be considered final.

Property division is typically a hot button issue in a divorce or dissolution of marriage, especially if there was no prenuptial agreement or the prenuptial agreement is not considered legal for some reason. Both spouses want to ensure that they get what is rightfully theirs following a divorce – however, it is not always easy to tell at first glance how the property should be divided.

If you are considering getting a divorce or are currently going through the process of divorce, it is important that you seek the services of a qualified, experienced family law attorney who has an understanding of the property division laws in the State of Florida and how they apply to your case. The attorneys at Segarra & Associates, P.A. are well versed in the Florida laws that govern property and are dedicated to applying their knowledge and expertise to your circumstances. Our goal is to see to it that the property is divided in your favor and that you get to keep what is rightfully yours.

Contact us for a free consultation regarding your property division. We are committed to giving your case our full attention and are available now to speak with you. Call us today. (305) 742-5042.

Family Law

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