Can A Miami or Orlando Child Support Attorney Help Your Case?

Child support issues are very sensitive no matter what side of the issue you are on. A child support attorney from Miami or Orlando can help put together a compelling case and assist you in petitioning the court to rule in your favor.

Under Florida law, each parent has the responsibility to financially provide for their minor children. Contrary to popular belief, this includes both parents, not just the parent that does not live with the child a majority of the time. Child support cases can easily become heated or emotionally charged, especially if one or both parents are not in agreement about how much child support should be provided.

Child support is vital to the general well being of your children following a divorce or dissolution of marriage. Without child support, it is possible that your children will not be adequately cared for. Whether you are the parent seeking child support from a former spouse and / or the other parent, or you are being sought after for child support, you need to consult with an experienced Miami or Orlando based child support attorney as soon as possible. At Segarra & Associates, P.A., we represent both sides of child support cases.

If you are seeking child support, we understand that you may not be able to fully provide for your children on your own. Your children have needs for clothing, food, shelter and educational items, which you may not be able to purchase for your children based on your income alone. We will do everything possible to get your children the support needed.

If you are being sought after for child support, we know it is vital that you receive a fair judgement (including establishing paternity if necessary) and are not ordered to pay more child support than you can afford.

Contact a child support attorney in Miami or Orlando, Florida for a consultation regarding your case. At Segarra & Associates, P.A., we give each case our full attention. Call us today. (305) 742-5042