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Annulment in Miami

Annulment in Miami

In the State of Florida, there is no annulment statute,  meaning that a judge must determine a person's eligibility for annulment. So, if you are thinking about an annulment in Miami, consider these conditions below.

You may not have had the capacity to marry if you or the person you married:

  • Were you under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage;
  • Are related (consanguinity);
  • Were are already married;
  • Are physically incapable of marital relations (impotency).

You may not have been able to give consent to marry if you were:

  • Intoxicated at the time of the marriage;
  • Threatened into marrying;
  • Shammed into marrying for the sole purpose of immigration;
  • The victim of fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

Many people think of annulments as being common, but in truth, they are not. A marriage must meet specific grounds in order to be eligible for an annulment and in many cases, the spouse seeking the annulment must prove their case.

If an annulment in miami is granted, the Court has the same ability to divide assets, award alimony, custody (now called timesharing in Florida) and child support as if the case were a divorce. However, it's important to realize that there's no established law or procedure for an annulment in Florida and it is very difficult to satisfy the requirement to obtain an annulment.

Segarra & Associates, P.A. has extensive experience in representing individuals seeking an annulment in Miami and can help you procure the documentation needed to be granted an annulment in the State of Florida. We will represent you to the best of our abilities and give you a legal edge that will increase the chances of your case being resolved in your favor.

Contact us for a consultation regarding your annulment in Miami. We are committed to giving your case our full attention and are available now to speak with you. Call us today. (305) 742-5042.

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