The term “Parental Alienation Syndrome” was first used by Dr. Richard A. Gardner to refer to “a disturbance in which children are obsessed with deprecation and criticism of a parent – denigration that is unjustified and / or exaggerated.”

According to Dr. Gardner there are four (4) criteria that can be used to identify Parental Alienation Syndrome are:

  1. The active blocking of access or contact between the child and the absent parent.
  2. Unfounded or false allegations of abuse against the absent parent, especially sexual abuse and emotional abuse.
  3. A positive relationship existed between the child and now absent or non residential parent existed prior to the marital separation with a substantial deterioration of it since the separation.
  4. Intense fear reaction by children.

Sadly, parental alienation happens sometimes during divorce litigation and in some cases of parental alienation the Judge may need to get involved. Many times, the alienated parent will give up their rights to parental responsibility and timesharing. Parental Alienation is not in a minor child's best interest and can be very hurtful and damaging to the parent child relationship.

There are many signs that can suggest parental alienation is taking place, including:

  1. A sudden change or deterioration in the relationship a child has with one of his or her parents
  2. A parent attempts to make the child “choose” between parents
  3. A child uses adult language or phrases when speaking about the alienated parent, or says things that sound rehearsed (suggesting that the information or opinions have been “fed” to the child)

If you have become a victim of parental alienation during a marital separation and / or divorce proceeding, you likely feel hurt, frustrated and like there's nothing you can do. However, the legal team at Segarra & Associates, P.A. is experienced in handling cases of parental alienation and will work towards a solution that allows you to preserve a positive and meaningful relationship with your child.

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