Are You Ready for The Next Chapter in Your Life?

You've done the research online; you're tired of waiting; you're at your wits end; and you're ready to move forward with this process. The next step is to meet with a family law attorney to learn your rights and how to move on with the next chapter of your life. If you're ready, call us now by clicking our phone number or e-mail us a case consultation request now and put the process safely in your attorney's hands.

We Understand What This Is Like.

You barely remember how the conversation went, just the sinking feeling in your stomach, and the knowledge that things will never be the same. You try to get some sleep, but insomnia and restlessness are your companions at night. The stress of the current situation consumes you throughout your waking hours and at times the discord is simply unbearable. Your work production falters; you can no longer concentrate; and you start to become a shell of your former self. 

Control Is Just a Façade. Nothing Is Happening the Way It Should.

You have come to the realization that your life is suddenly going to be entirely out of your control. Before, when the A/C doesn't work, you call an A/C technician, because he / she knows more than you do about fixing A/Cs. You call, they fix it, you're done. You were in command and you called the shots.

This is no A/C repair. You know that you need to speak with a family lawyer, but this isn't a broken A/C unit, this is your life, your children, your family, your house, your business, your savings, your retirement accounts, and your future. 

This is the new reality in which every special occasion that your children now have will be split between two different households and two different parents.

This is the business that you created; spending countless hours growing. Now getting divided between the spouses, one of which may have never worked a single day there in his / her life.

This is your IRA, 401 (k), and / or pension plan that you checked on a daily basis, now up for grabs.

This is the uncomfortable conversations that you must have with your parents, family members, friends, congregation, and work colleagues where you tell them that you are getting divorced and may need to borrow money or miss out from work. What will the teachers and the parents at the kid's school think or say?

How Will I Survive This?

How are you going to afford this? Neither car is paid off, we have a lot of credit card debt, there is the student loans, the mortgage payment is due at the end of the month and you're expected to come up with money to pay your lawyer. You have to keep the lights on and groceries in the fridge.

Was there a pre-marital agreement signed? Is it still valid or can you challenge it?

How are you going to continue to run your business and are you going to be able to make payroll for your employees? Will they quit when they find out that you are going through a divorce? Worse yet, will they be called in to testify as a witness in a court hearing or deposition?

How long will this go on? Are you going to have to pay every time you want to have a phone call about your own life? Taking time away from your busy life to deal with the issues that come up along the way. 

Are you going to have access to the court files and the correspondence from your spouse's attorney, or are you going to have to show up at the office to dig through a mountain of paperwork?

Protect Yourself.

The first step is to protect yourself as soon as possible. You never thought that you would have to deal with a family lawyer. Nobody does. Everything seems like a mystery and your life feels like a sinking ship. Your first step should be to speak with us. We'll set up a confidential in-person meeting where we can sit down and talk to you about what happens next. We'll discuss your specific situation, your family and all the things that matter to you most. Your meeting will result in a detailed plan of action tailored to your specific circumstances, plus a thorough understanding of your rights as well as all your options. 

You'll most likely come in confused and with several questions, but you will leave with actionable information and a clear idea on how to move forward with the next chapter of your life. Family law matters can be daunting and can make you feel out of sorts. Our team of competent and compassionate professionals is here to guide you through the process with safety and security.

You Will Never Feel Ready, But You Should Feel Informed About the Process.

If you're on this page, it's time to take control. Starting a family law case without knowing your rights and options can easily lead to a disastrous result and a big mess that you may not be able to get out of. Your entitlement to timesharing (visitation) with your children, child support, equitable distribution and alimony can easily be decreased or altogether forfeited if you do not know what you're doing. Your ability to keep the utilities on and the mortgage paid is also at risk.

Even if you are still undecided, it's a good idea to know what is involved.

Perhaps you will put things back together. That would be great, we have an extensive network of counselors and mental health professionals that can help mend your marriage or other family crises.

Maybe you will wait until your spouse or significant other makes the first move. The few days that you have between receiving a family law complaint at your front door and being required to appear in court is not the time to be undecided and scrambling around for help.

You're not happy about having a lawyer messing around in your life. Hey, we're lawyers and we don't even like us all the time. But waiting to call until it gets “really ugly” is a mistake. You need answers now before you enter the process and get in too deep. The last thing you need is to make decisions about your children, finances and future without knowing what you're doing. Worse yet, these decisions could be made for you by a judge, who knows nothing about you or your family, in an instant. 

You need actionable information and clear answers right now, while you have the time to contemplate things rationally. Don't lose control of your kids, your finances and your future. It's time to get started.

This Is Intimidating. We Get It.

We help guide families to safety and a brighter future every single day. This is all that we do. No criminal court in the morning and real estate deals or wills in the afternoon, we practice exclusively in family law and our team is dedicated to helping you through this unique process.

Dealing with a minor legal matter like a parking ticket is enough of a nightmare – family court can sometimes feel impossible to manage. Lawyers don't have a great reputation for making things easy to understand, but we have a reputation for doing just that! You have a life and a family to deal with, and we're here to make sure that those remain your top priorities, not worrying about the progress of your case and paperwork deadlines. Rest assured, we've got your back. 

Above all else, we're here to protect you and your family. We're not out to earn our reputation as pit-bull attorney's by picking unnecessary fights and prolonging everyone's misery. We have well earned reputation for effectively representing our clients. Often nobody “wins” a family court case, and we're here to make sure that you're safe and able to move on with the rest of your life.

Will Having Lawyers Involved Make It Worse?

It sure can feel that way sometimes. One lawyer takes action, the other responds, they continuously bicker, you, your spouse, your children and your extended family get sucked into the fray and away we go.

That's why we offer alternatives to the traditional process. We can help you with uncontested divorce and paternity actions as well as mediation. We can also help you deal directly with your spouse and get things settled amicably with minimal involvement by us.

You have an idea about how your new life should look. We are here to help you achieve your objectives and guide you to that new life. Call us today.