One of the most sensitive issues in a divorce or dissolution of marriage is the issue of spousal support. Spousal support – also called alimony – is the money paid by one spouse to another after the separation.

In the State of Florida, the court will look at one spouse's need for financial support following a separation, and balance it with the ability of the other spouse to pay that support. For example, if one spouse has spent the majority of the marriage staying at home caring for the children, the divorce would leave that spouse without the means to pay bills or care for the children.

There are two sides to spousal support – while one spouse is concerned that he or she may not have enough money to live independently after a divorce, the other is likely worried that paying spousal support will hurt them financially.

If you are considering getting a divorce or are already in the process of divorcing and are concerned about any aspect of spousal support, it is essential that you contact a qualified family law attorney. The lawyers at Segarra & Associates, P.A. are experienced in working with both clients who want to make sure that the spousal support ordered is fair, as well as clients who truly need spousal support in order to begin living on their own.

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