When you and your ex-spouse and / or other parent agree to certain terms following your separation and the court enters a Final Judgment, it becomes necessary for both of you to adhere to those terms. When one party fails to do so, they are considered to be in contempt of court and can face serious penalties, including: wage garnishment; civil contempt charges; criminal contempt charges; attorney's fees; and possible jail time. At this time, you will need to file an Enforcement of Court Orders in Miami or Orlando to retain your legal rights.

When your ex-spouse and / or the other parent fails to meet the requirements set forth by the Final Judgment, Court Orders or agreements made during the divorce (or paternity suit), your life and the lives of your family can be seriously impacted. An Enforcement Of Court Orders in Miami or Orlando should be filed for failure to pay child support or spousal support. These Court orders unheralded can make it financially impossible for you to care for your children and yourself. Likewise, failure to adhere to the agreed upon time sharing schedule can negatively impact your children emotionally.

If this is your case, it is important that you contact a skilled family law attorney, who has experience, to file an enforcement of court orders in Miami or Orlando. On many occasions, it is necessary to enforce agreed upon terms following a divorce or paternity suit. At Segarra & Associates, P.A., we understand how crucial it is to your family's well being that the Final Judgments as well as divorce and / or paternity agreements are adhered to. The best interests of you and your family are a top priority and our goal is to help you resolve the matter quickly and effectively.

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