The issue of rehabilitative alimony is addressed in Florida Statutes Section 61.08 (6). Particularly, rehabilitative alimony may be awarded to assist a party in establishing the capacity for self-support through either:

  1. The redevelopment of previous skills or credentials; or
  2. The acquisition of education, training, or work experience necessary to develop appropriate employment skills or credentials.
  3. In order to award rehabilitative alimony, there must be a specific and defined rehabilitative plan which shall be included as a part of any order awarding rehabilitative alimony.
  4. An award of rehabilitative alimony may be modified or terminated in accordance with s.61.14 based upon a substantial change in circumstances, upon noncompliance with the rehabilitative plan, or upon completion of the rehabilitative plan.

Rehabilitative alimony is usually implemented when one party subject to a divorce proceeding requires either educational or vocational training in order for them to obtain gainful employment post divorce. The specifics of a rehabilitative alimony plan can be quite complex. In the event that you may require  a rehabilitative alimony plan, consider the law firm Segarra & Associates, P.A. to help you navigate this complex issue.

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