Permanent alimony is governed under Florida Statutes Section 61.08 (8), and provides that permanent alimony may be awarded to provide for the needs and necessities of life as they were established during the marriage of the parties for a party who lacks the financial ability to meet his or her needs and necessities of life following a dissolution of marriage. Permanent alimony may be awarded following a marriage of long duration if such an award is appropriate upon consideration of the factors set forth in subsection (2), following a marriage of moderate duration if such an award is appropriate based upon clear and convincing evidence after consideration of the factors set forth in subsection (2), or following a marriage of short duration if there are written findings of exceptional circumstances.

In awarding permanent alimony, the court shall include a finding that no other form of alimony is fair and reasonable under the circumstances of the parties. An award of permanent alimony terminates upon the death of either party or upon the remarriage of the party receiving alimony. An award may be modified or terminated based upon a substantial change in circumstances or upon the existence of a supportive relationship in accordance with s.61.14.

At Segarra & Associates, P.A., we are acutely aware for the need of permanent alimony in cases where one spouse, gave up career opportunities in order to care for the minor children and / or to support the career of the other spouse. Alternatively, our legal team is also adept at protecting clients from the imposition of a permanent alimony obligation when it is unwarranted.

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