Mediate for the Holidays: Advice from a Divorce Mediator in Miami

Posted by Manuel A. Segarra IIIDec 18, 20140 Comments

Though a divorce marks the end of a marital relationship, this doesn't necessarily mean that divorce proceedings must be entrenched in heated arguments. Mediation is a process in which a conflict is resolved and both parties establish an agreement. Typically, this process includes a divorce mediator who assists former spouses to arrive at a mutual understanding.

Mediation mainly focuses on cooperative problem solving and tending to the needs of everyone involved. You should try your best to smoothly and peacefully work things out with your former spouse as much as possible, especially when children are involved. At Segarra & Associates, P.A. we want to ensure that you and your family experience smooth divorce proceedings with as little conflict as possible through the assistance of a mediator. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider mediation with an experienced divorce mediator in Miami.

1. Mediation is Inexpensive

The reason why mediation is so inexpensive is because both former spouses are contributing to the cost of one professional to help them reach a resolution. Instead of paying for time in court and drafting motion papers, individuals will only pay for meetings with the mediator.

2. The Discussion and Outcome are Controlled by You

Both spouses have the opportunity to choose the topics of discussion and how to settle each one.

3. You Receive More Personal Attention

Mediations give both parties a chance to speak and to be heard. When you work directly with a mediator, they will propose and get a consensus on the resolution process, elicit, explore and generate options, help you negotiate, refine decision-making and arrive at a final agreement.

4. Faster Results

When opting for mediation, both parties determine the timeframe of when a resolution is achieved. Issues can be resolved in a matter of sessions.

5. The Confidentiality is Greater

Any type of communication, documents and work notes are strictly privileged and confidential. In addition, every meeting is privately held. One benefit of mediation is to avoid arguing your case in front of a court of law.

6. The Flexibility is Greater

Scheduling an appointment is not a problem when opting for mediation. Typically, the mediator is able to work around any family schedule along with meeting the personal needs (i.e. not being able to be in the same room together) of both parties.

7. Children are Protected from Conflict

A key focus of a mediator that appeals to many individuals is their ability to educate both parties and keep their attention on their children's needs.

8. It's Less of an Adversarial Process

As mentioned previously, a mediator utilizes cooperative problem solving and addresses the needs of everyone involved. Their main goal is to resolve issues by communicating, rather than undergoing an adversarial process with separate attorneys.

9. Increased Opportunity for a Custom Family Plan

Mediations are able to operate beyond the confines of the litigation system, by addressing key points more in-depth to lead to a more effective co-parenting post-divorce.

10. Allows Greater Post-Divorce Stability

Being able to come out of a divorce with the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully is important to the stability of the post-divorce relationship and the familial relationship. Mediations seek to improve the parties' understanding of each other and the ability to communicate. Also, if disputes arise in the future, you can return to the same mediator for further assistance.

Segarra & Associates, P.A. is a divorce mediator in Miami who understands the importance of establishing stability after a divorce, especially if children are involved. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this holiday season with the power of mediation. Contact us today for a consultation!