How to Prepare Yourself for a Child Support Hearing

Posted by Manuel A. Segarra IIIJun 09, 20150 Comments


One comforting fact is that the judge's determination is based on his/her interpretation of the financial information passed along to them. Although the system isn't perfect, it does its best to protect and provide for children around the country. If you are wondering how to prepare yourself for a child support hearing, it's important that you follow these tips to ensure that your hearing is made as fair as possible.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Child Support Hearing:

1. Do Not Ignore Your Mail

Reading every piece of mail sent by your lawyer is very important, even though at times it may seem overwhelming. Skim over the letter once and then set it aside to read it 30 minutes later. This will help avoid the mistake of misreading or misinterpreting any of the information that you have just read. If you need to take action, make sure you do it in a timely manner.

2. Do Not Try to Manipulate Any Information that You Provide to the Courts

In order to receive a fair trial, you need to be 100 percent honest on each form you fill out. Make sure to also include under-the-table income and avoid over-reporting your financial needs in an attempt to control the amount of child support that could be awarded. If it is discovered that you're doing this, then the judge will look poorly upon you.

3. Do Not Arrive Late or Fail to Show Up to Your Hearing

Being punctual or arriving early to your hearing are great ways to make a good impression on the judge.

4. Do Not Stray From the Topic Being Discussed

A child support hearing is strictly supposed to be about that. The judge sitting in on this proceeding does not have the authority to change your child custody order or visitation arrangements. It is pointless to bring up anything else that is not child support.

5. Do Not Entertain Unrealistic Expectations

Go into the hearing with no expectations. The judge will determine the amount of child support owed or received by the financial information provided by both parents and the state's child support guidelines.

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