6 Tips on How to Prepare for a Divorce

Posted by Manuel A. Segarra IIIApr 06, 20150 Comments

How to prepare for a divorce

As we can all attest to, relationships aren't always easy. Couples can have different viewpoints on valuable issues or they can occasionally experience the inevitable “bad day” that can cause arguments and, at times, dysfunction within the relationship. In some events, these issues could run so deep that they provoke the couple to reconsider their marriage.

If you and your significant other decide that divorce is the best option for your relationship, then the experience Miami divorce lawyers at Segarra & Associates, urge you to take heed of these six steps to help you prepare for what is to come. Keep in mind that divorce hurts everyone involved, whether it is the couple, the children or the relatives. We want to ensure that you are equipped with these tips to minimize your stress and reduce the amount of time and money spent before this process commences.

1. Take these Two Important Questions into Consideration

Before you start filing for divorce, be aware of what you're getting into. Most people decide on a divorce without thinking the process through. It isn't always the first or best option for a dysfunctional marriage. Take into consideration these two questions and answer truthfully:

  • Do you really, truly want a divorce?
  • Is a divorce the only option you have?

2. Have Your Children's Best Interest at Heart

One common event that happens in divorce is when the parents knowingly or unknowingly involve their children, which in turn puts a lot of stress on them. This type of ordeal can create a burden for them to carry that could last well into their adult lives, affecting how they handle future relationships.

3. Collect Your Documents

Gathering important documents such as mortgage information, tax returns, loan documents, bank statements and important payments are crucial time and money savers for the divorce process. These documents can also give you an idea of what you can expect to receive in a settlement or trial.

4. Inspect Your Credit Report

Before starting the divorce process, it's important that you inspect your credit report and take note of any suspicious activity.

5. Establish a Spreadsheet and a Daily Log

Use this spreadsheet to list all the items in your home and calculate the cost of each one of them, since all the items should be distributed equally between you and your significant other. The daily log can be used to keep track of the divorce process and any negative or positive encounters with your spouse.

6. Disconnect from Your Significant Other Online

Lastly, one of the most important tips we can give is to disconnect yourself from your significant other. This entails getting separate email accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts and mobile phone accounts.

At Segarra & Associates, P.A., we understand that divorce is not easy on anyone. Our goal is to ensure that you move through this challenge as quickly and smoothly as possible with the help of one our dedicated Miami divorce lawyers. Contact us today for a consultation!