Mediation Lawyer in Miami or Orlando

Mediation is a conference between the parties, their attorneys and the mediator in an non-adversarial, informal and confidential setting. The mediation process facilitates problem solving vis-à-vis the pending issues.  A neutral (as to the participants) and impartial (as to the outcome) third party, with no decision making power, facilitates discussions between disputing parties to voluntarily bring about the dispute's resolution. The mediator may provide information and options, but the participants make the final decisions. Additionally, at the mediation conference the mediator establishes ground rules for negotiation, opens up the channels of communication, articulates and / or reframes the needs of each of the participants, identifies the issues and generally assists in problem solving. Through the mediation process, the parties can discuss the terms of the divorce and / or family lawsuit and come to an agreement without the need for adversarial court proceedings. A mediation lawyer in Miami or Orlando at Segarra & Associates can help both parties come to a fair and mutual agreement for your assets, child custody and legal rights.

The process of mediation empowers the parties to the divorce (rather than a judge) to take charge of how they will structure their families, finances and lives after the divorce / family lawsuit. The rules regarding family court mediation in Florida are set forth in Florida Rules of Family Law Procedure 12.740 and 12.741. That's why our mediation lawyers in Miami or Orlando help a contested divorce / family lawsuit resolve issues more quickly and with less cost.

The legal team at Segarra & Associates, P.A. is skilled in the mediation process and will go the extra mile to increase the chances that your case is resolved amicably and in your favor. Our goal is to see that the terms of your divorce / family lawsuit are satisfactory to you and that you and your family are able to start your new life with the provisions you need. With our experience, knowledge and resources, your divorce does not have to be burdensome.

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